How to turn your passion into a paycheck

- Certified Business and Life Coach Celia Ward-Wallace shares her tips for how to turn your passion into a paycheck.

--Want to start a business while working 9-5?

She encourages people to start a business while still working a 9-5, in what is known as a side hustle. This an opportunity for you to really live your purpose and to make great money while still  working your 9-5.

Ward-Wallace says you need to fully dedicate yourself to building your side hustle, whatever that is going to be. She suggests blocking off time each week to figure out where you are going and where you plan to put your time and energy so that you can maximize your fullest potential. She says she is a firm believer in holding onto your 9-5 until you are generating enough revenue in your passion-driven business to support yourself.

Here are five key steps you can begin to take to create your side hustle business. Your business may start out as a side-hustle but if you take all the following action steps you will be well on your way to handing in your resignation letter, according to Ward-Wallace!

5 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Pay Check:

  • Identify Your Soul Client

It is important that you get really clear on exactly WHO is your ideal client. This way you can speak directly to them and not to everyone. This approach helps you attract the people you deeply desire to work with and those who are drawn to you as well. You want to attract your soul clients and repel those who are not!

  • Determine Your Niche

A common mistake entrepreneurs and small businesses make is to be a jack of all trades. Instead you want to be the master of ONE and become the celebrity in your own backyard as the “go to” person in your industry. You want to pick an arena that is narrowly focused but has a lot of people in the space.

  • Solve a Problem and Provide a Solution

It doesn’t matter what type of service YOU want to provide, what matters is what service does your client NEED. Determine the help they need now and would pay for and provide that!

  • Be Visible

You want to get out there and be seen. Find every and all opportunities to talk to people and spread the word about your work.

  • Get Your First Clients & Make Your First Dollars

When building a business it is marathon not a sprint. Take your time and hustle up one client, and then another. Then work on referral marketing based in word of mouth. This way you build a strong foundation that will last the test of time.


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