Glamour's editor-in-chief: Tips to enjoy your summer vacation


Summer is officially here and yet not enough of us will take a proper break. Glamour’s editor-in-chief Cindi Leive shares her tips for unplugging and enjoying your summer vacation.

#1 Take it

According to a Glamour poll of more than 1,000 women, 52% of women don’t use up all of their vacation days. This is nuts! I understand this (and am guilty myself), but let us collectively agree: This is nuts. If someone offered you free money, would you turn it down? YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR VACATION DAYS.

#2 Know when you need one

My aha moment came years ago, when, after a few exceptionally busy weeks, I was reading Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.  At one point in the book, convicted killer Perry Smith spends days drawing  a squirrel he lures into his prison cell—and I found myself thinking about how relaxing it would be to have that kind of time to sketch and think. At which moment I realized…I was ENVYING A MAN ON DEATH ROW. How did that happen? I promptly booked a long vacation; lesson learned.

#3 Wrap it up!

Don’t let work stress prevent you from taking that long vacation. A new survey from Accountemps shows that almost half of American workers say they’re too afraid of missing out on work—and returning to a mile-long to-do list—to punch out for an extended period of time. To avoid stress, make sure to plan your exit strategy from work:

· Beat any upcoming deadlines. Think through projects to make sure no deadlines will be due while you are gone or immediately upon your return. It is important to manage those deadlines so that all expectations are met.

· Appoint someone your point-person. Coordinate someone who can cover in your absence and include his or her information in your out-of-office reply emails and voicemail messages.

· Meet with your boss. Set up a meeting with your boss to go over key things they should know, because they don't like to look foolish and uniformed. Just approach it as, FYI boss, here are some things you should know before I head out.

#4 Try to unplug, but be realistic

Going completely off the grid isn’t doable for most of us (I swear I’m going to, then roam around distracted atop some mountain trying to get three bars). Besides, many of us want to be online a little, if only for the Insta pics! **Best strategy if you can’t chuck your connection completely: Set certain times when you’ll check in on work, and turn off the alerts the rest of the day.

#5 Give yourself a break

I’m always impressed by people who get up at 6:00 A.M. on vacation to hit the gym. But for me, vacation is about indulgence, and given that it comes so rarely, where’s the harm?

Asked how often they exercised on vacation, most women we polled chose: “Does lifting mai tais count as exercise?” (It does.)

#6 Plan something fun for when you get back

Beat those post-vacation blues by planning something fun to do a couple days after you get home. A nice treat like a massage or a nice dinner out will help make getting back into your normal routine a little easier. Even go ahead and plan your next vacation! Having something on the horizon, even if it won't be for quite a long time, will give you something to look forward to.

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