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Professor Char Miller on wildfire season: Worst is still to come

The explosive growth of the Bluecut fire has fire crews struggling to keep up with the flames. The fire is moving fast and it's really aggressive. The flames are burning with such intensity, that at one point...six firefighters defending homes west


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  • The Friday evening weather forecast for LA.
  • Family and friends are gathering to remember a young woman found stabbed to death in a restaurant parking lot. Police say the woman's boyfriend is the one who killed her.
  • FOX 26 News anchors Jonathan Martin and Melinda Spaulding
  • A teenage girl was found stabbed to death in a restaurant parking lot and police believe her boyfriend is the killer.
  • The search for a 5-year-old south Pasadena boy is entering its second week.
  • Another day of high winds and the damage toll is starting to rise.
  • Firefighters salute one of their own killed after a medical emergency in downtown L.A.
  • Imagine making $650 million and then spending all of it. Well, that’s apparently what Johnny Depp has done. 
In January, he realized he was broke and sued his managers claiming they owe him $25 million. The Management Group has filed a counter sui