Ashes, art, and other surprising things humans have left on the moon

Feathers, flags, footprints, and feces: These are just some of the hundreds of thousands of pounds of things humans have left behind in our voyages to the Moon.
7 Flags (5 standing)
All six Apollo missions planted American flags on the lunar surface. Exhaust from the lunar ascent module flattened the Apollo 11 flag assembly, but based on observations by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the other five flag assemblies are still flying. The seventh flag is a U.S. Marine Corps flag carried to the Moon by Apollo 15 as part of their personal kits.
All seven flags were off-the-shelf purchases, unmodified to tolerate the harsh lunar environment and unfiltered solar radiation. By now, they are likely bleached white and shredded by countless tears from micrometeorites.
2 Golf Balls and Uncounted Improvised Javelins
Alan Shepard famously played golf on the Moon, strapping an iron onto the handle of a lunar excavator to use as his club. While he claimed the ball went for "miles and miles," in reality it was about the same distance his Apollo 14 companion Ed Mitchell threw his improvised javelin, a lunar scoop handle. Mitchell wasn't the only one to transform their tools into javelins: Charlie Duke threw a Solar Wind Collector staff, while Gene Cernan was so eager to throw his tools, he called his heat flow rammer a javelin during radio communications.

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