Lisa Gache: Surviving Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend, and whether you're single or in a relationship it's a tricky holiday to navigate. Lisa Gauche, founder of Beverly Hills Manners is here to help.

2-3 tips on what single people can do for Valentine's Day:

  • Be a Good Friend. There is nothing like a good female bonding session with your single friends on Valentine's Day. Although it may seem last minute, play hostess to your girlfriends and invite them to a party at your place complete with mood music, scrumptious food and chick flick (Fifty Shades of Grey!!)s. Purchase some decadent chocolates and French champagne to celebrate your singlehood and the value of supportive friends.
  • Pamper Yourself. Arrange an evening of pampering so that you feel your absolute best. Treat yourself to a blow dry at DryBar, take in a makeup lesson at Neiman's, make a massage appointment at a spa, splurge on a mani/pedi including the paraffin wax for extra softness for your skin. Perhaps you've always wanted to take a class on painting or sculpture? Whatever your fancy, live it up because you certainly deserve it!
  • Do Some Soul Searching. Make this night all about you and a deep soul searching of what you want out of life. We're not telling you to stroll through the bookstore for the latest self-help book, instead we're telling you to respect yourself and take action. Grab some magazines and glue and begin creating a vision board, start journaling, write a love letter to yourself citing all of your positive attributes or do some mindful meditation. Any one of these exercises is guaranteed to make you feel more confident and content come morning.

2-3 tips of what people in relationships should do:

  • Sweat the small stuff. When it comes to marriage, the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference. If that means picking up your dirty clothes from the floor and putting them in the laundry, twisting the cap completely closed on the toothpaste, or greeting your spouse with a warm kiss instead of a grunt when you walk through the door, then so be it. Don't give them any reason to get upset during this day devoted to love.
  • Make a new plan. After many years of togetherness, married couples will take on certain roles. If you're the one doing the driving and shopping, as well as the cooking and the carpooling, your partner should offer to plan something interesting and romantic for you two to share in together. This may take some imagination, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Involve your spouse to make sure you are on the same page, but then show some initiative and confirm all of the arrangements on your own.
  • Communicate Considerately. Long time marrieds have a tendency to address their significant other in the same way they address their children when they are harried or upset. Your delivery doesn't have to be as formal as Lady or Lord Grantham's, however, speaking in a softer tone of voice, being selective with your choice of words, and daring to put a smile on your face can change the atmosphere in the room to a more positive one, almost immediately.

Gifts for Valentine's Day: what is appropriate?

  • Old standby of chocolates (Sees Candy or Godiva chocolate hearts) and flowers are great. Red roses for love, no yellow which means friendship.
  • Piece of tasteful jewelry.
  • Women love any excuse for a new handbag or shoes. Consult the best friend to ensure she loves it or just purchase a gift card to her favorite store.
  • What do you do if you just started to date someone? Are you still expected to get them a proper gift or is chocolate/flowers enough? A small, thoughtful token is a welcome gesture. A gushy card or lavish gift will be overkill in a brand new relationship.

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