Brad Kriser Of Kriser's Natural Pet: This, Not That For Dogs

Brad Kriser, founder of Kriser's Natural Pet, comes to Good Day LA and shares few tips to help your pet look and more importantly feel its best.

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  • Many people feed their pet things like these leftover, fatty pieces of this chicken or a turkey leg, or the extra lemon pepper salmon.
  • While protein is great for your pets, all the stuff that people use to season it isn't. Plus cooked bones can break and splinter.
Brad recommends:
  • An appropriate portion of Fromm Game Bird or Salmon Tunalini. Both are grain free, which is best for a dog's skin and coat and digestion.
  • Most household pets don't actually need the grains in their diet. You can actually also feed your pet LESS food if it's better quality nutrition – higher in protein, lower in fillers.
  • None of our foods have any corn, soy, wheat or animal byproducts, so you know you're getting great stuff to feed them.
  • Another option is raw or freeze dried foods. These are actually closest to an animal's ancestral diet, which was raw meat that they hunted.
  • We often recommend PRIMAL or STELLA & CHEWY raw or freeze dried raw food.
  • One more thing that pet parents should know is that every pet – dog or cat – can benefit from a probiotic supplement.
  • Just like in humans, these supplements keep the good bacteria in the gut healthy, so a pet can get the most out of the food its eating.
Brad recommends:
  • Either Goat's Milk from Primal or The Honest Kitchen or a supplement like Animal Essentials Plant Enzyme and Probiotic, which just gets sprinkled on the food.
  • February is also National Pet Dental Health Month.
  • Many pets over the age of 2 suffer from dental disease, which is often preventable.
We recommend
  • A daily dental supplement like Plaque-Off to help prevent tartar and plaque build up on teeth.
  • It's actually made from a specific strain of seaweed that works with the dog or cat's body chemistry to help remove and prevent tartar.
  • A tiny amount gets sprinkled on the food every day, and it really works to keep their teeth healthy and breath a little fresher.
  • Brad also recommends vet supervised non-anesthetic dental cleanings once or twice a year to help keep their teeth clean. It's kind of like going in for your sixth month cleaning but for your dog.
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